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5 tips on how to cope with dental phobia

  Most people are slightly nervous about going to the dentist or any sort of medical appointment and that’s perfectly normal. However, for some, anxiety and fear actually prevents them from going to the dentist and this will eventually impact negatively on their oral health. Whether it’s due to feeling out of control or trapped […]

Can hypnosis help you overcome fear of the dentist?

It’s thought that 20% of adults suffer from a dental phobia that makes it impossible for some to see a dentist and undergo basic dental care. A dental phobia may be a result of a negative experience in the past or worries about choking or loss of control. One possible treatment for dental phobia is […]

What are the consequence of dental phobia?

Apprehension about visiting the dentist is common but a full-blown dental phobia that stops you attending regular dental appointments or undergoing necessary dental care can have serious consequences for your oral health and physical wellbeing as a whole. Although it can be tempting to put off that regular dental check-up, there can be some serious […]