overcoming dental phobia

What are the consequence of dental phobia?

Apprehension about visiting the dentist is common but a full-blown dental phobia that stops you attending regular dental appointments or undergoing necessary dental care can have serious consequences for your oral health and physical wellbeing as a whole.

Although it can be tempting to put off that regular dental check-up, there can be some serious consequences of not going to the dentist.

What happens if you don’t go the dentist?

#1 Losing your teeth

This might seem very overdramatic but losing your teeth can be a potential consequence of not going to the dentist. Ignoring warning signs and not going for a check-up can have serious implications.

Usually, periodontal disease is easily managed and treated if caught early enough. However, if you avoid dental check-ups then periodontal disease can rapidly develop, resulting in missing teeth.

#2 Excruciating pain

Many people avoid going to the dentist because they are worried about the discomfort associated with dental treatments, but actually avoiding the dentist can actually mean more pain in the long-run.

#3 Bad breath

Gum diseases is a common problem and can eventually result in lost teeth, but before that it can cause painful gums that bleed easily and usually in bad breath.

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