dental phobia and hypnosis

Can hypnosis help you overcome fear of the dentist?

It’s thought that 20% of adults suffer from a dental phobia that makes it impossible for some to see a dentist and undergo basic dental care. A dental phobia may be a result of a negative experience in the past or worries about choking or loss of control.

One possible treatment for dental phobia is hypnosis. Many people are sceptical of the veracity of hypnosis as a treatment option but this is not ‘stage’ hypnosis where you lose control of your body and mind.

Hypnotherapy performed by a responsible professional can be very useful for those who are suffering from an overwhelming fear that is stopping them undergoing dental treatment.

What happens during a hypnosis treatment for dental phobia?

Hypnotherapy works by stopping the patient from focusing on their fear. Through a process of induction, the patient is relaxed until they reach a state of trance. From there, they are talked through the whole dental experience; because they are totally relaxed, they are able to face and explore their fears and confront them head on.

Every stage of the journey is covered, from booking the appointment to undergoing treatment, until the patient feels completely comfortable and can go through the process in real life.

Are there any other ways to treat dental phobia?

Hypnotherapy is one possible option for those patients suffering from dental phobia but there are a number of other avenues you can discuss with your dentist. At CK Dental in Bristol, we’re one of the only dental practices in the UK that can offer dental treatment under general anaesthetic.

At a leading private hospital, your dental treatment can be performed under general anaesthetic, with the whole process monitored by a highly skilled and experienced team. Fir more information, call us on 0117 906 4868.