What Makes CK Dental Different

We are the only Private Dental Clinic in the UK offering treatment safely using general anaesthetic, conscious sedation, as well as local anaesthetic for the required procedures. For our general anaesthetic cases, we need to use a theatre facility for your safety.

Dedicated and well-trained professionals guide you through the process which will result in a smooth process to regain oral health, function and aesthetics.

This can be achieved by using various options depending on budget and suitability.

The restorative aspect can be achieved by dentures, crowns and bridgework and/or implants or we can perform a full mouth rehabilitation.

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The Team at CK Dental

Our Promise

Providing Peace of Mind

Any dental treatment can be performed under a general anaesthetic

Delivering 5-Star Facilities

All procedures performed at a leading private hospital

Caring & Friendly Staff

We provide genuine empathy through the whole journey of dental rehabilitation

Highest Standard of Aftercare

We have proven pathways to ensure safety and wellbeing

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full mouth rehabilitation includes various dental skills to achieve a great result. In our state-of-the-art facilities we can perform any form of full mouth rehabilitation. If you are scared, worried, or unsure, then we can help.

We can help you to get clarity into your current situation and be there for you with advice and a full understanding of the options suitable for you personally.

Unique Service

In our brand new purpose built and cutting-edge facilities you will enter a warm, welcoming and reassuring environment, designed to provide the best service and atmosphere possible.

We can arrange overnight stays as well as reduced rates at nearby top-class hotels if you should wish not to take advantage of our great private hospital facilities.

Planning Your Treatment

Having to face major dental work can be frightening, particularly when considering the lengthy appointments that can sometimes be involved.

Even though most dental procedures can be carried out under local anaesthetic in the dental chair there are many people that can’t face longer dental sessions or larger operations. This can lead to more problems because people tend to ignore the problems until they are in a lot of pain.

It is a vicious circle for people that are trapped in a place where they would like to have treatments carried out without having to experience them.

At CK Dental, we have teamed up with Nuffield Health Bristol Hospital to offer a state-of-the-art facility and general anaesthetic solution that allows you to plan your operation by having a clear understanding of the procedure before it starts and to end up with the optimal outcome.

You will always receive a warm welcome and the best service and atmosphere possible. We can arrange overnight stays as well as reduced rates at nearby top-class hotels if you should wish not to take advantage of our great private hospital facilities.

  • Appointment in our Dental Clinic to talk through what you would like to achieve, allowing us to examine you

  • Develop a bespoke treatment plan

  • Meeting to discuss bespoke treatment plan and procedure

  • Scheduling and treatment

  • Aftercare

Children’s Dentistry Under General Anaesthetic

Typically, baby teeth are easy to remove, and most children will undergo a tooth extraction in our clinic, using local anaesthetic to numb the area if required. Tooth extraction under general anaesthetic may be recommended if teeth require surgical removal or exposure, or if your child is very anxious or there are concerns whether they can cooperate during treatment.

All General Anaesthetic dentistry procedures for children are carried out at a leading private hospital in the area with an excellent safety record.

Our Prices

In order to give you an idea of our prices, below is a guide for our fees for the use of a theatre facility, including our consultant anaesthetist service:

Theatre fee per hour: £1,800

Dental fees: depending on treatment required but comparable to private.

Please note that we can do any dental work required within an affordable budget.

You will be presented with a personalised treatment plan where all costs will be explained to you.

You will not be pressured into any decisions and we will not start any treatment until you are happy with the plan provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here at CK Dental practice in Bristol, we are one of the very few dental practices in the UK to offer dental treatment under general anaesthetic.

General anaesthesia can only be administered in a hospital environment, which is why CK Dental, which is located within Nuffield Health Bristol Hospital, The Chesterfield in Clifton, is perfectly placed to offer this service. Here’s some of the questions we get asked:


At our Clifton dental practice, we pride ourselves on our understanding and experience of dental phobic patients – that is, those patients who have a severe phobia of dentists and dental treatment.

We have previously offered these patients the opportunity to undergo dental work under conscious sedation, but although this method works well for the vast majority of people, there are some whose fears are so deep-rooted that they are unable to relax even when sedated, and others who have built up a tolerance to the drugs used.


At CK Dental we are skilled at putting nervous patients at ease. Partly this is because we have created a calm and relaxed environment where we can discuss your procedure in full before you make the decision to go ahead. We often find that patients are able to embark on treatment with confidence when it has been fully explained beforehand.

When this is not the case, and when dental treatment is urgently required, we may recommend that general anaesthesia is used. Dental treatment under general anaesthetic is usually recommended for severely phobic patients, who have not found conscious sedation helpful in allowing them to relax enough for treatment to proceed.


General anaesthesia does carry some risks, and it is vital that it is carried out in a safe, clinical environment, by an experienced anaesthetist, with expert medical staff on standby.

Because CK Dental is already located in a hospital, we are uniquely positioned to be able to offer this service to our patients without the need for them to enter a new and potentially daunting environment for the procedure.


General anaesthesia refers to total body anaesthesia. The body is brought to a level of sleep where there is no sensation, memory or movement. Anaesthetists use medications called ‘general anaesthetics’ that are given intravenously or are inhaled.

The level of anaesthesia is constantly fine-tuned by the anaesthetist for each patient. General anaesthesia is reversed at the end of surgery and the patient is taken to the recovery room.


An injection of anaesthetic at the actual site of surgery is called local anaesthesia. It is usually only useful for operations on small areas. This is sometimes used with monitored anaesthesia care (MAC).

Monitored Anesthesia Care (MAC)

In this case, the surgeon uses a local anaesthetic while the anaesthetist provides sedation or ‘light anaesthesia’. The anaesthetist both fine-tunes the sedation and manages the patient’s medical conditions. Sometimes a trained anaesthetist is asked solely to help manage medical conditions.


There actually is no dental treatment that can NOT be carried out under general anaesthetic (GA). However, patients are carefully chosen depending on the severity of dental problems and evaluation of alternative procedures.

GA should only be an option if other forms of treatment are not suitable.

When the patient is found suitable for a procedure under GA (with patient well-being and safety and dignity as a prime indicator), any dental treatment can be carried out under GA.

But to justify a treatment under GA, certain criteria must be met and it usually involves more challenging or surgical treatments such as complex extractions, implant placements and full mouth rehabilitation.

Dental phobic patients have sometimes not seen the dentist for a long time and need extensive dental work done which they would not be able to face under normal circumstances. In those cases, we can help, as GA can help to get patients into a better place without more trauma.

Either way, we would like to emphasise that GA is a great additional option but should only be considered if other options could not help the patient. At this stage, we can give new hope to the patient and explore the options. The patient does not have to fear the procedure. There will be no memory of what happened.

It can be a safe way to help to get back to a good oral health which in many cases leads to a normal life where the fear of the dentist will not be part of life anymore.

The Team

Cornelius Krause

Staatsexamen at Freie Universitaet Berlin Germany, BDS

Cornelius Krause of CK Dental graduated from one of the best dental schools in Germany. In his time in Germany, he worked with internationally renowned dentists to enhance his knowledge and practice of minimally-invasive dentistry as well as cosmetic dentistry.

Spending over 12 years working in the UK, he acquired extensive knowledge in restorative dentistry, implants and clear braces.

Mr Cornelius Krause is a certified Provider for Invisalign, Enlighten and has completed a one-year course with the ITI (International Team for Dental Implantologists).

He has a special interest in Oral Implantology and full mouth rehabilitation.

His passion for the latest technology and its implication in day-to-day dentistry for the benefit of the patient could not entirely be satisfied until the opening of CK Dental where patients can now benefit from the latest technology together with his calm and gentle approach, vast experience and reassurance.

Michael Stiller

Qualified in dentistry from the Berlin Humboldt-University, before specialising in Maxillofacial Surgery, PhD, DDS

Dr Stiller is the Assistant Professor and Medical Director of the Department of Oral Surgery and Radiology at the Clinic of Maxillofacial Surgery, Free University of Berlin.

He has a specialist interest in soft tissue regeneration in implantology and different techniques of both bone and soft tissue augmentation. Dr Stiller is a Specialist for Implantology of the European Dental Association (EDA) as well as a member of leading European and international dental associations.

In addition to his private dental practice in Berlin, Dr Stiller regularly sees complex maxillofacial and implant cases at CK Dental in Bristol.

Dr Neil Rasburn

Qualified as a consultant anaesthetist

I am a consultant anaesthetist working in the NHS and also with Nuffield Health. I trained in Bristol and hold a substantive Consultant post at University Hospitals Bristol.

I am dual accredited in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine. In both sectors, I specialise in Thoracic Surgery, General Surgery, Ophthalmology and Dental Surgery.

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